We work in collectives of five visionary roles and relationships.

On the Wonderment platform, each collective of diverse creators and contributors can document and share their work and experiences together—and access essential support and resources—from anywhere in the world.
This collective approach can authentically and accessibly develop and support an expanding group of possible visionaries in any place, with any focus—while still sharing a process, structure and resources that create efficiency and understanding for all contributors.

And we all can watch and learn from their progress, ideas and examples along the way.
Our balance of global reach, connective infrastructure  and personal relationships creates a network and environment where each action and insight—no matter how seemingly small or simple—contributes to an ever-expanding ripple effect of tangible impact, serendipitous possibilities and genuine exchange.

And the Small-Scale Visionary Fund makes it possible to fund all of it (and all of them) 100% directly.