Starting an endless ripple of possibility.

When small-scale visionaries can be seen and supported in their own vision and community, they activate a potent untapped force for sustainable collective impact.

A small-scale visionary is

a person with significant but overlooked awareness, capacity and creativity

Small-scale visionaries are everyday people with a keen curiosity and motivation that offers them awareness of the needs and opportunities around them— and a hidden knack for recognizing how and where change is most possible, often in unexpected places and ways.

in an environment where big change is possible and needed but difficult for standard systems to see or support

They live in places and situations with a remarkable convergence of culture, need and changing forces. But, on both a personal and community level, these visions and visionaries don't show up on the radar of typical institional support. They're often hidden in plain sight for a variety of reasons—sometimes even from themselves.

the access point to an epicenter of change in their immediate community and beyond.

With their relationships, creativity and deeply personal desire to make the world better around them, small-scale visionaries are a transformative portal directly into the heart and mind of a community. But to bring all of those elements together and materialize the essential personal and collective possibility they evoke, these visionaries need true access to support, networks and resources.
When small-scale visionaries are grounded locally but connected and supported globally, seemingly "small" actions and relationships simultaneously create direct organic impact and shift collective human cooperation and experience.
We recognize three essential areas of this visionary shift
that are deeply needed in the world:
A network of these visionaries working in their own individual epicenters around the world offers a fresh, efficient vision of how and where the broad social impact sought by governments and large-scale philanthropy can be realized—in real human moments, experiences and efforts.

Together, small-scale visionaries are one of the most authentic, efficient ways to create both direct and collective transformation but they need to be seen and supported in their own personal brilliance to do it.

That's what we're here for.