We create an ecosystem where visionaries can grow.

Our process and structure surrounds visionaries with the right resources in the right moments to realize their unique vision— and ignite a ripple effect of transformation.

The Elements


Collective of Supporters

We cultivate a global network of partners and friends—from explorers to teachers to org leaders—who help us identify and get to know potential small-scale visionaries with a remarkable level of access, context and sensitivity.

At each step of the visionary's journey, we then continue to gather an authentic circle of supporters around them to build momentum and share awareness of their vision and the impact it's creating.


Development Incubator

Each supported visionary gets access to our incubator program, which combines personal coaching and process learning to help them articulate their ideas, structure their actions, build a network of mentors and supporters and develop a set of professional assets they can use to represent themselves.

Each step in the development process is designed to be personal and relational, offering both visionaries and supporters the opportunity to get to know themselves and each other— and build true shared vision and serendipitous flow.


Collaboration Platform

These connections are made possible and visible on the Wonderment platform, which is tailor-made to document and connect every step and facet of the development process.

This gives the visionary a digital home for their emerging work and gives supporters and collaborators real-time access to the process and one another. But it also makes it possible to elevate emerging examples and ideas on a global level as each visionary works in their own local community—and identify possibilities for collaborative work in new ways within the global network.


Seed Funding

When the visionary has hit key stages of development and has a viable initial project that embodies their vision, the Fund directly provides the needed seed capital to get to work.

Because the project has been deeply developed and vetted (and continuous updates are available on the platform), everyone involved can see exactly where the resources are being applied and what they're making possible. This makes a remarkable level of efficiency and transparency possible while also keeping endless bureaucratic processes from interrupting the visionary's focus and progress—and simultaneously deepening trust and access with supporters.


Storytelling Studio

As compelling insights, stories and developments emerge, our production partners work with us to create innovative multimedia content to share it through a global network of platforms.

This gives the small-scale visionary both invaluable awareness and credibility but also a tangible professional tool they can ue to show the power and potential of what they're doing. At the same time, every piece presents an opportunity to activate the whole collective network on a variety of levels and purposes—while also building organic momentum for the deep possibilities the broader theory of change represents.

The goal: to use this integrated, personal process to create new access to essential resources for small-scale visionaries— so that their unique vision can become a sustainable vehicle that creates value for their own lives, their communities and the world.

How do these elements come together to support visionaries? Through trusting relationships of shared purpose.